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Overall wellbeing goes hand-in-hand with a healthy, functional smile. But sometimes, because of age, an injury, or poor oral health, we may end up losing one or more of our teeth. This can make eating and smiling with confidence difficult, and self-esteem may suffer as a result, changing the way we view the world and the way others view us.

Thankfully, patients of McCart Family Dentistry in Fort Worth can turn to dental implant for a restored smile that looks and feels natural.

Traditional teeth replacement options, like crowns, bridges, and dentures, can provide some relief by filling in the gaps in your smile. But it takes more than just a brand new tooth to restore function–it takes a brand new root, too.

Tooth roots are important, because they anchor our teeth to our upper and lower jaw. They also keep our jaws healthy by stimulating new bone growth. When we lose a root, there’s nothing to stimulate that part of our jaw immediately underneath. As a result, we can experience bone loss that will spread to nearby teeth, eventually causing us to lose more teeth.

Dental implants from Fort Worth implant dentist Dr. Bolin prevent bone loss and tooth loss by replacing your missing tooth and your missing root. They do this using a prosthetic implant made of titanium, a biocompatible metal that bonds with the bone tissue in your jaw and stimulates growth. Over time, the bond between a dental implant and the jaw will be as strong as the bond between a natural root and the jaw.

All of this leads to benefits in the functionality, health, and appearance of your smile. Instead of hiding your teeth around your friends, family, or strangers, you can smile confidently again. Plus, you can enjoy the nutritious foods you love but haven’t been able to eat.

The Dental Implants Process

Once Dr. Bolin has confirmed that you’re a candidate for dental implants, a personalized, two-stage plan will be drawn up for you by your implant dentist. During the dental implant placement stage, your implant(s) will be surgically inserted into your jaw. Then, when your dental implant(s) has had time to bond with your jaw, your new tooth (or teeth) will be attached. Dental implants can be used to restore a single tooth, multiple teeth, or an entire row of teeth, making implant dentistry one of the most versatile teeth replacement options. But to enjoy the benefits of dental implants, you have to be a candidate for the procedure.

To find out if dental implants are right for you, call McCart Family Dentistry in Fort Worth to reserve a consultation appointment with Dr. Bolin. During your consultation, Dr. Bolin will look at the bone density in your jaw and will talk to you about your needs and your options. Our office serves patients from Fort Worth, Forest Hill, Haltom City, North Richland Hills, and all surrounding areas.

This is a very interesting video that shows the implant procedure.

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